11 Random Facts About Me

Hey Lovelies,

Hope your week started off well. As for me, mine is just the usual work and mentored learning. Today on the blog I thought I would do something different, some random facts about me. This is quite a wordy post but I’ll try making it worthwhile. Now you get to know a little bit about me :)  Here we go:

  1. I love bright colors. Don’t have a specific favorite.
  2. Thanks to the morning chills around my place am officially a tea addict. I take at least 4 cups in a day.
  3. Not many people know this but my middle name is Clare haha am guessing now most people do. Actually I have three English names 😉
  4. Did a shoot sometime back and despite being somewhat petite a single pose on a squat made my body ache for a week. Ever since I have been flexing a lot I walk 2 km everyday and I run a lot. I must say am close to 100 % fit. Do I say…
  5. And ooh on that in high school I used to be top 10 in cross country am quite fast you know. I probably should train for the Kenyan Marathon crew I could pull a fast one on the track.
  6. I love to hang-out with my friends but sometimes being alone I love too. Just take a bath, watch a movie, eat and write. Pretty fun.
  7. I am 5’4999 but that’s a 5’5 for me quite tall.
  8. Its official I am self obsessed with my photos, I have a thing for me lol, they always make me smile but hey God’s creation right there pretty nice… and ooh that shows am a photoholic photos any day anytime
  9. I believe am a hard worker. It so happens am an IT girl, writer, teacher and am currently working on consistency on the blog. My favorite quote on this ‘Set Goals and then KICK’EM in the face.’ That does it for me.
  10. I am confident around people I barely know hmmm… no wonder my girls had me do all our projects presentation.
  11. I have a serious repeat addiction, I would listen to a new song I Like a thousand times (Replay Mode) hahaha

Well. Loves that’s just a tease of some random facts about me

Let me know what you think and some random facts about you too.

Stay Safe loves and Have a Blessed Week

Lots of Love




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