Fun Pairing Skirt Affair

Hey Beautiful People,

Happy Weekend! Hope you had a great week! Today on the blog I’ll be sharing a fun pairing skirt affair which I simply adore. I love the way a nice playful skirt with sequins detail can make a statement effortlessly.

79Am all about “Run Wild Run Free” I know what you might be thinking but ha! This tee always gives me quite some energy 😉 “Run Wild,Live Free,Love Strong, You and Me” Been jamming on this King & Country number ever since I bought this t-shirt. Song so sick I can’t stop listening. Now that’s some positive energy.2

Enough with that back to the look.Paired the skirt with a tee-since the skirt had some sequins detail on I opted for the tee just to strike balance. For a chilled out weekend this look definitely brings a weekend feeling.
105Do you guys have some old treasures hidden? Well, I just had to leave this one here. You can’t imagine how old this baby is and it actually Works!!! Let me know if you too have hidden old treasures


Skirt: Adams Arcade

T-Shirt:Stall in Town

Sandals:Stall in Town

Photography Ken (House of Kenty)

Enjoy Your Weekend Munchkins,

Stay Safe

Lots of Love





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