Little Red Skirt

Hey Lovelies,

Hope your week started well. Been a week since I was here but am back! Is it just me? Or is this year on a run or something! Just the other day July started and now its almost over. Well, I just had to say this I Love Love July :)  July Babies Rock! A day to my birthday so excited and I thought let me feature this little red skirt which I so love. Am a lover of fancy skirts I know I say this all the time but hey they are too adorable.126

How cute is this little red number? Red is color of love and on this one I must say I fell more in love with it.4

So for this look I paired a red flared skirt with a grey turtle neck sweater. I didn’t know red and grey could blend so well. Good thing about style is you always get to discover something new each day. To finish of the look I wore some old school heels. Totally, love the entire look.

Some serious look 😉IMG-20150616-WA0018
Then a smile :)

Would love to hear your thoughts on this look.

Red Skirt: Adams Arcade

Turtle Neck Sweater: Adams Arcade

Heels: Stall in Town

Photography: Ken(House of Kenty)

Have a Productive Week Lovelies

Stay Safe

Lots of Love



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