Pop of Color: Bodysuits & A-line skirts

Hi Lovelies,

The holiday season is finally here :)  First thoughts family time, relax, fun, travel, blogging, eat and more fun the list is endless. It has been a busy year and I hope y’all been great. For my long awaited holiday I plan to be more here and share every experience throughout the season.

Bodysuits & A-line skirts???  This is a classic that can’t go wrong. Basically this has been my favorite trend throughout the year. Good thing it can either be casual or official depending on the color play you choose. For my more formal looks I’d go with less shouting colors with skirts mostly black, navy blue and maroon.img_3735

This particular look I’d wear it for a wedding or a date. The orange pops out quite well and blends with the black.img_3745

A-line skirts tend to accentuate the waist making it appear smaller it is a trend that complements all body types. I would love to hear your thoughts on this look.img_3734img_3732

And Oh yes before I forget I love this shoes….Thanks Angela :) img_3758

Be Blessed, Stay Safe and Lots of Love @evainme

A-line Skirt  Mavazi

Bodysuit @rigiafashions

Shoes gifted

Photography HOK photography


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